"Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Sau Dragão has over 20 years of training and over 10 years of teaching Capoeira. He currently holds classes for both kids and adults in New York.  He started training Capoeira and Judo when he was 9 years old. He eventually left Judo upon moving away from home, but he was so into Capoeira that he started training twice a day. Capoeira helped him to improve himself in many aspects— such as staying focused, having discipline and developing self-esteem. He started teaching kids for a social project in favelas when he was only 17 years old. The program had so much success that he was invited to represent the city in the national education council. His passion for helping the others and the community led him to major in Social Science in University. After graduating, he moved to England and spent a year traveling around Europe for Capoeira workshops. He constantly trained and developed classes for the communities and private schools. In 2012, he moved to the U.S. and he has been working for dance companies, public schools and Universities. Through his experience of training for over 20 years, he developed strong methodology that are efficient and dynamic, yet detail oriented. His goal is to educate people with the rich history of Capoeira and help them improve their physical health, creative expression of the body and self esteem."


Capoeira is an African-Brazilian art form that combines dance, martial arts, music and acrobatics. Africans in Brazil created Capoeira over 400 years ago as a way to defend themselves and maintain their culture in the face of the harsh and oppressive conditions of slavery.  As a form of exercise , Capoeira engages all muscles groups, helps develop flexibility, balance, coordination, and endurance, and offers significant toning and cardiovascular benefits. Accessible to persons of any age and body type, Capoeira is much more than a martial art.

Omulu Capoeira

Led by Mestre Preguiça, Omulu Capoeira is one of the first Capoeira groups to promote Capoeira in the U.S. and develope high-quality training. The group’s mission is to promote the art of Capoeira through the development of high quality training academies, professional performance groups, and community culture and education programs. Chapters include San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Minneapolis, Japan, Brazil, Canada and Mexico.